We are the first Spanish institute dedicated to the right of fashion as a legal specialty. We focus our work on the legal aspects of interest for the fashion industry and its different actors.

Our objectives are:

  • Provide professional training in Fashion Law;

  • Promote the systematic and transversal specialization of fashion law;

  • Provide legal advice focused on fashion business.

  • Interact with the different actors of fashion and law through conferences, events, publications, advice, collaborations;

  • Develop the Fashion Law Spain ecosystem;

  • Promote new talent and fashion brands.

"FLIS®: el centro español de formación profesional exclusiva en Fashion Law".


We believe in the importance of training, professional updating, the development of critical thinking and practical knowledge of fashion law as a specialty.

Regarding specialization, our premise is:

"Know the fashion industry from within"


We believe in the importance of training based on a solid knowledge of the client and the development of preventive legal management. Preventive management that can only be developed when you have real knowledge of the business.


  • The exchange of ideas;

  • The creation of synergy;

  • The coherent work in the creation of brand identity and values.

  • The renewal and updating of fashion brands;

  • The use of technology and innovation to be more competitive;

  • Provide visibility and opportunities to new talent and fashion brands;

  • Work on the projection and expansion of new markets for established brands

 ¿En qué consiste el Fashion Law?

We focus our work on the following elements:

  • Vocational training;

  • Consulting;

  • Representation of fashion brands;

  • Event organization;

  • Support and promotion of new talents and fashion brands


Training is a fundamental factor in society, which is why it is an essential and priority part of our work.


We develop and deliver professional training programs in master's format or specialized courses in collaboration with business schools, universities and professional organizations. We also do short training, professional update events and in-company courses.

 Oferta formativa


Fashion is an economic sector that moves millions of euros, which faces challenges that go beyond the protection of its designs and the brand, for that reason and increasingly, requires specialized professionals who know the sector and the operation of the business.


This situation is comparable to what happened years ago in the sports industry, which due to its weight and economic importance began to solicit expert lawyers in the sector, giving space to the specialization in sport law or sports law, generating new professional opportunities.


Now it is the turn of the "Fashion Law or Law of Fashion", which has emerged to cover the legal needs of a global economic sector that represents 3% of world GDP.


This translates into a great opportunity for those professionals who decide to train as a specialist in fashion law, to become experts in a new professional field and stand out in the competitive working world, positioning themselves as professionals in the sector.

KNOW OUR  Internacional Fashion Law





We provide specialized legal advice to designers, entrepreneurs, startups and companies devoted to fashion.


We provide focused attention to the different stages of the value chain and according to the different areas, actors or markets where the business is developed.


We offer a comprehensive consulting package for the new fashion brands or SMEs with the basic aspects necessary to achieve the economic and commercial objectives of the brands.


Fashion is a highly competitive and changing economic sector that requires constant brand communication and approach to the public. Part of that communication and approach is achieved through the events.


From FLIS we collaborate and regularly organize fashion and law events of an educational, networking or promotional nature.

Between the events we organize, there are:


  • "Fashion Law Meeting"

  • "The Stages of Fashion"

  • "FLIS Fashion Market"

  • "FLIS Novel"

Internationalization of Fashion Brands

We offer the advisory service of foreign brands or national brands that wish to explore new markets.


We carry out the analysis of internationalization and viability of expansion projects .


We offer the advantage of international connections of global fashion consultancy service, thanks to the international network Fashion Law Institute, which allows to connect with lawyers and other specialists of the fashion sector in various countries.


We interact with the protagonists of law and fashion ...




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Los miércoles a las 17:00 horas de Madrid, nos puedes escuchar en la sesión "Legalmente Moda" del programa de radio Lookbook que se transmite por www.clickradiotv.es.

Lookbook es un programa dedicado a la historia de la moda y coleccionismos, se complementa con Legalmente Moda para compartir con los oyentes una visión integral del negocio de la moda.


Legalmente Moda, contribuye a consolidar el trabajo de formación que desde Fashion Law Institute Spain venimos realizando desde el 2016, abordando temas legales de interés en el negocio de la moda y dando a conocer cada vez más el Fashion Law o Derecho de la Moda en diferentes escenarios y con acciones diversas.

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