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The Fashion Law is an innovative specialty that originates in response to the particular needs of the demanding fashion industry. Born in the United States by initiative of Susan Scafidi, who identified the powerful task to train lawyers in the fashion business.

The Fashion Law, or Law of Fashion, is in the consolidation and international expansion phase. With this new specialty, visionary and innovative professionals who specialize in the area will be pioneers and stand out in this new market niche.

¿What is the Fashion Law?
¿Qué es derecho de la moda?
¿Qué es el Derecho de la moda o Fashion Law?

The Fashion Law studies include the legal aspects of the value chain of the fashion industry, starting with the idea, design, creation, development, production, promotion and marketing of the garment. Various areas of law converge in the Fashion Law to give shape in this new field of law, some of them are intellectual property, competition law, labor law, contracts, real estate law, advertising, image rights, sustainability, social responsibility, corporate law, marketing, advertising, business, new technologies and others. 

¿Why does study Fashion Law?

The fashion industry is a powerful commercial sector that generates millions of euros in the year, but it has to deal with diverse challenges that extend beyond protecting its designs and brand. The fashion law, like a modern field of study, trains to lawyers with specialist expertise in the fashion business.

The Fashion Law is comparable to what happened years ago in the sports industry, because of its magnitude and economic relevance, needed expert lawyers in the sector, making space to specialize in sports law and developing a new professional area to work.

Now it is the turn of “Fashion Law”, which has emerged to meet the legal needs of a global economic sector that represents 3% of world GDP.

This translates into a great opportunity for those professionals who train as experts in fashion law to become references in this new professional field and stand out in the competitive world of work.

Estudiar derecho de la moda


International Fashion Law Programs

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