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Description of the course 

This program explores the basic concepts  of Fashion Law, as well as the  essential aspects of the fashion business and its interrelation with law. A program to understand the stages in the fashion value chain and the protection resources of brands and their designs against counterfeiting, and their objective evaluation in the dynamics of the industry.

Program Objectives 

  • Develop a comprehensive profile of legal advisor with an economic vision of the business.

  • Obtain a professional, dynamic, up-to-date and practical preparation, essential in the training of leaders in this field.

  • Understand and speak the language of the fashion business.

  • Develop the legal, business and transversal skills and competencies required by the industry.

Marcos Luengo

Spanish design.

Designer Marcos Luengo.  AW 20/21

Admission requirements

To enroll in the program it is necessary to send or deposit the following documents at the Institute's headquarters:

  • Fill in the admission application template (attached)

  • Photocopy of ID / Passport

  • College degree

  • Motivation letter indicating why you want to study the program and what expectativas has del Fashion Law

  • The curriculum summary.

Admission process

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