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Benefits of joining

the IFLN

Membership of the association represents advantages for those who wish to enter the professional practice of Fashion Law with the support of the first International Fashion Law Network. Being an associate serves as an accompaniment in this modern area of legal services aimed at the complex and closed world of fashion. 


The members of the association will enjoy the following advantages:

  • To give an international dimension to their professional practice in the work of fashion law.

  • Presence in the directory of international specialists in Fashion Law.

  • Collaborating writing of articles in specialized publications and books on Fashion Law to generate visibility.

  • To take part as speakers in the international meetings of the Fashion Law Network.

  • To take part as a teacher in the training programs of the FLIS® Fashion Law School.

  • Discounts on training and tickets for events organized by the Association.

  • Reference to designers and fashion brands that require legal services.

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