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Privacy Policy

1. Responsible for data processing: We inform you that the person responsible for processing personal data and information that you provide us by filling in any form available on the websites _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_o , is Fashion Law Institute Spain (hereinafter FLIS®). Association with address at Calle Alcalá, 4th floor, left 28014,  N.IF: G –87812400, registered in the National Registry of Associations in Section 1a / National Number: 611187. Telephone: (+ 34-682621227); email: . G87812400.

Fashion Law Institute Spain, is a non-profit association that carries out educational / training activities; events, and consultancy in matters of Fashion and Fashion Law, for which it generates income and donations that allow it to self-manage economically for its operation and fulfillment of objectives.

The personal data or information that you provide us when completing any form, or means of contact such as email,   or the FLIS social networks ® or its related entities such as the website: , created by FLIS@ to support and promote fashion design  by Spanish author and international, may be treated by Fashion Law Institute Spain.


The current privacy policy is intended to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and provide information on the rights that assist you by virtue of the aforementioned regulation. In case of doubts, I could send an email to

2. Legitimacy: Fashion Law Institute Spain and related entities are entitled to process personal data, due to the legitimate interest of the institution to maintain the relationship with its users, to be able to provide services and meet the requirements of information requested through the web, the FLIS® mail as well as social networks. In the same way, the legitimacy is granted by the user's consent, which with said consent authorizes FLIS® to collect and process the data until it is revoked. 

The data collected and processed have the purpose of managing the relationship between FLIS® and users as a point of contact for sending information related to the development of the activities carried out by the institution.


3. Consent:  This privacy policy informs users clearly and unequivocally how FLIS® collects and processes the information of the personal data provided by users through the forms of the web, the email:  and the FLIS® and FLIS Fashion Market social networks.

The user must read this privacy policy in advance and if they agree with it, they must fill in all the fields marked with asterisks in the web forms, provide truthful and error-free information about their personal data, as well as provide your free consent to be able to process the requests and requirements addressed to Fashion Law Institute Spain or the entities belonging to the group.

4. Means of data collection and processing used by FLIS®

Web: FLIS® has the web , through which the personal data of users who enter and fill out the web forms will be collected and processed to subscribe to the newsletter, attend events, make inquiries, subscribe to publications or other activities developed by FLIS® or another institution of the group. 

Email: FLIS® may collect and process the personal data of those who send an email currently or in the future created by the institution for the purpose of maintaining a communication channel between users and the institution. The data collected in this way will be used for the purpose for which they have been provided, unless the user gives his consent for the collection and processing of his personal data for the communication of other matters or activities developed by FLIS® or another institution of the group. 

Social networks: FLIS® has profiles on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and the professional network LinkedIn, the processing of personal data collected and processed through some of these networks will be those that the network allows and depending on the purposes for which said data was provided by users. 

Events and telephone calls: An important part of the activity carried out by FLIS® is the celebration of events of a diverse nature, in said events personal data may be collected to process user requirements as well as to keep them informed of the activities carried out by the institution. In the same way, data may be collected, such as name, email or telephone number of those who require information from the institution through a telephone call. 

5. Purpose of data processing. Fashion Law Institute Spain, carries out an adequate treatment of the appropriate data obtained through the web, a pertinent treatment and limited to the fulfillment of the explicit purposes that motivated the obtaining.

The purpose and processing of personal data collected on the Fashion Law Institute Spain website may be used for the following purposes y 

Academic and Extra-academic Management: Provide personalized information on courses, services, events, training programs, news, promotions, information regarding our activities and services; for the academic management of the institution, academic evaluation, creation and management of academic records, for administrative management  purposes to identify as users of the institute's academic services, send information of interest, issue title or study certificates, to monitor job placement or educational internships, to conduct satisfaction surveys on academic services, opinions on service improvements, opinions or assessments of academic services, the data and responses of opinion and academic assessment are processed statistically and in a dissociated way the identification of the people who carry it out.

Contact: We process the personal data of those users who make inquiries, contact requests, general or specific information on the activity carried out by the institution, for the processing of suggestions, doubts, complaints, comments, congratulations, suggestions for publications , services, activities or events carried out by FLIS®, as well as to resolve any request or approach made by users through the contact forms of the web , or its networks social.

Personnel selection: We receive resumes from people who wish to join as employees or collaborators, to carry out internships. Therefore, we process personal data in the development of personnel selection processes, in order to analyze the profile of the candidates. We discuss for a period of one year, the data of the people who send their resume in the event that a vacancy opens in that period. In any case, said data   will be deleted if the interested person requests it.

Sending information about training programs and other activities: With the authorization of the students, we use their contact information to send information about our FLIS ® services, activities or products, as well as activities or services of other group institutions.

User services: We collect and process the data of users who contract our services. We collect and process personal data that may derive from the relationship and provision of services to users, such as bank details, account numbers or debit or credit card numbers with which the user wishes to pay for the services previously. contracted from FLIS®, said data will be used exclusively for that purpose. Data of this nature will entail the processing and incorporation of said data into the administrative, financial and tax management of the institution.    

Supplier data: We collect and process the data of the suppliers that offer their services to the institution. These personal data may be self-employed or representatives of commercial entities, national or international, that present their services to the institution. These data are collected and processed to maintain the contractual relationship, as well as to process any other information or requirement authorized by the supplier. 

Donations: We collect and process the personal data of people who make donations to the institution. These data are processed according to the usual procedures carried out for non-profit organizations. 



6. Promotional communications of products and services:  One of the purposes of FLIS® data processing is to send communications related to our activities, courses, events, training programs or promotions. This information will be sent to those users who are in our database and who have not expressed their refusal to receive it. 

7. International transfer: Fashion Law Institute Spain is an institution with international activities and presence, therefore, in order to satisfy requests, or requests for information, international exchange of students, it may be necessary for your data to be communicated by FLIS® to the remaining companies, companies or institutions that make up the Fashion Law Institute Spain Network group, located in Spain or abroad, both inside and outside the European Union.

8. Conservation period: The data is kept for the period necessary for its legal and informative preservation, and for the appropriate time to prove compliance with legal obligations by the institution. The duration will not exceed the time necessary to fulfill the objectives that motivated the data collection and processing. Nor will it exceed the necessary time required to process the user's request to remove their personal data from our databases.

9. Rights of users: Users may exercise the following rights:

Right to access data: Right to know if your data is being processed by the institution, what type of data is being processed and for what purpose. 

Right to Rectification: Users have the right to request that inaccurate data that is processed by FLIS® be rectified.

Right to data deletion: Users can request the deletion of their data when the reasons for their collection and processing have ceased. 

Right to request the limitation of the treatment: Users can request the limitation of the treatment of their data. They will only be kept for the exercise of the institution's defense in cases that are necessary in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Right to portability: Users may request FLIS® that their data be transferred to another data controller.

Right of opposition: Users have the right to oppose the processing of their data. Only those data necessary to exercise the right to defense of the institution in case of claims or legal requirements will be processed.

Right to revoke consent: The user can revoke consent to the processing of their personal data.  

Not to receive information: Users may request at any time that they do not wish to receive more information from FLIS®

Users may exercise their rights at any time by express request  directed to Fashion Law Institute Spain (Paseo de la Castellana, 40, 8th floor, 28046 Madrid) or via email_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ .

If you consider your right to personal data protection  violated, you may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( ).

10. SECURITY MEASURES: Fashion Law Institute Spain, adopts the security levels required by the RGPD appropriate to the nature of the data that is being processed at all times. Personal data will be treated at all times with absolute confidentiality in accordance with the applicable regulations.


We are committed to putting the technical security means at our disposal to safeguard the data. However, we must inform you that Internet security measures are not impregnable.  

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