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Fashion Law Institute Spain

is the first global Fashion Law ecosystem 

¿Qué es el Derecho de la Moda o Fashion Law?
About us


We are the first Spanish institute focused on fashion law. Established in Madrid in 2016. The focal spot to our work is on the legal side of the fashion industry and its players.

We are...
Boutique school of Fashion Law.
A global professional community and education centres of the fashion law. 
Publishers of the magazine FLIS® Fashion and Law today´s.
A platform to support of Spanish and foreign fashion designers


"FLIS®: Is the Spanish center of exclusive professional education in Fashion Law”.

  • Exchange of ideas;

  • Build synergy;

  • Do a coherent work to build brand identity and values;

  • Working with innovative people become more competitive.

FLIS® Fashion Law Institute Spain

 ¿What is the Fashion Law?

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