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¿What do we do?

Our work comprises:

  • Professional training in Fashion Law at FLIS Fashion Law School.

  • Legal and fashion business consulting through the International Fashion Law Network (IFLN).

  • Publisher of the FLIS® Fashion and Law Present- Day magazine.

  • Support and promotion of author design through the FLIS Fashion Market (FFM) platform.

Fashion Law Education

Education and specialization are essential factors in society, so they are a basic and priority part of our work.

  • We develop and teach the professional training program specialized in Fashion Law.

  • We give classes and seminars in Fashion Law at business schools, universities and professional bodies.


Fashion Law Programs

Que hacemos en Fashion Law Institute Spain

Fashion Law advice

We founded and manage the INTERNATIONAL FASHION LAW NETWORK (IFLN), the widest platform for legal advice specializing in fashion law, composed of international lawyers and law firms that provide a service to designers, entrepreneurs, startups and companies in the fashion industry.

The network’s lawyers offer specialized legal advice in the different stages and the markets of the fashion industry’s value chain.

Consultoría en moda y derecho

Fashion and Law Events

Fashion is a competitive and changing economic sector that demands continuous brand of communication and approach of the people. It is possible to achieve to a positive connection with events.


We have organized law and fashion events with academic purposes, networking or to support to fashion designers.


Among our own events, we organize the following ones:

  • “Fashion Law Meetings”

  • “The Stages of Fashion”

  • “FLIS Fashion Market”

  • “FLIS Novel”

Eventos de Fashion Law

Internationalization of fashion brands

Through the International Fashion Law Network (IFLN), we offer a service to advise foreign brands or national brands that wish to explore new markets. We carry out the analysis of internationalization and the viability of expansion projects. The IFLN allow the advantage of the international connections of global fashion consulting services, then connect with lawyers and other specialists in the fashion sector in various countries​.

Internacionalización de marcas de moda
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