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¿What is the Fashion Law?

At Fashion Law Institute Spain we want to develop a close relationship with each of our students, we believe that specialization passes through teaching, sharing and doing and accompanying our students in their training process as a specialist in Fashion Law and our great benchmark of excellence academic.

This way of seeing and doing things is reflected from our admission process where we select the professionals who can join the program, under the following process.

First contact

People who wish to be admitted to the international program of Fashion Law can send an email to the address to request information about the program, or you can also request information at the number 34-662495991.

Admission process .

When the student decides to take the International program in Fashion Law, they must request by email the start of the selection process.

Admission template

From FLIS the admission template to the program will be sent which must be completed and accompanied by the following documents:

  • Photocopy of identity document or Passport

  • College degree

  • Motivation letter indicating why you want to study this program and what expectations about Fashion Law.

  • Curriculum Summary

Admission evaluation

Once the admission template was completed and the required documentation received, we contacted the applicant to set up an appointment to take the admission tests, which will include a written test and an interview, both conducted online.

Communication of the result

In a period of five business days, the results of the evaluation and the continuity and the admission process will be communicated.

Documentation for admitted students

To continue with the admission process, the proof of acceptance to the study program will be sent by email and in physical form so that international students can process their proof of studies.


Once the admission to the program has been communicated, the documentation on the scholarships and financing plans available will be attached.


Once the admission has been communicated, the interested party has 5 business days to formalize the payment of the registration fee in accordance with the information in the admission email.

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