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Fractional Payment Diploma

Fractional Payment Diploma

SKU: Inscripción fraccionada

The online diploma in fashion law is an avant-garde introductory program to the specialization in Fashion Law or Fashion Law.

Where the student can:

  • Comprehensively understand the new discipline of Fashion Law. Know the essential aspects of the fashion business and its interrelation with the law.
  • Understand the stages in the fashion value chain.
  • Learn about the protection resources of brands and their designs against counterfeiting, and their objective evaluation in the dynamics of the industry.
  • Develop a comprehensive profile of legal advisor with an economic vision of the business.
  • Understand and speak the language of the fashion business.


It is important to note that this option corresponds to the payment of the diploma under the installment payment method of €100  for 12 installments. 

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