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FLIS® Fashion and Right to Day 3/2020

FLIS® Fashion and Right to Day 3/2020

SKU: FLIS® 3/2020

FLIS®  Fashion and Right to the Day 3/2021


Nearby Fashion Production


After a few harsh months of confinement, various countries around the world are experiencing the de-escalation of the global pandemic at different rates. Its impact has marked a new course in the history of humanity, the consequences are yet to be determined, but it is a reality that important changes will take place.


As we try to adapt to an unfamiliar situation, it behooves us to return to the new normal and try to turn this tragedy into an opportunity.


In this third issue of FLIS® Moda y Derecho al Día, it addresses the following topics:


Fashion Law

  • How to protect a fashion design in Spain;
  • The problem of homonymous brands in fashion;
  • Why did Adidas lose the three stripes as a trademark in the EU?


News (Covid-19)

  • Fashion mask fever: trend vs. security; Venezuela: are we experiencing a return to what was made in?;
  • Fashion production nearby.



  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Fashion;
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Technology and Innovation

  • Fashion, Law and Technology united;
  • Success story of innovation in materials with the creation of vegetable leather.



  • How to create a fashion collection?;
  • Interview with the Spanish designer Pilar Dalbat;
  • Get to know the Blue Velvet collection by Venezuelan designer María Belén Fernández.


  • When you buy the magazine you receive a downloadable PDF file.

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