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FLIS® Fashion and Right to Day 7/2021

FLIS® Fashion and Right to Day 7/2021

SKU: FLIS7-2021

FLIS® Fashion and Right to Day 7/2021


The Value of Experience


In this seventh issue of FLIS® Moda y Derecho al Día , we want to celebrate and value the experience of those professionals who have a lot to contribute to society, we want to promote and exalt the teamwork of people with experience and the youngest , for a more equitable and balanced society.


In this edition of the magazine we start the year 2021, but we also have our sights set on the changes that are predicted in the world of fashion, we start with the article: ¨Modern slavery¨ , a somewhat strong topic, but it is a unfortunate reality that intervenes directly in the production of fashion, and we believe that if we make it known we contribute to change; we also talk about cultural appropriation in fashion, especially in Mexico ; we address the trends in the fashion and retail business for 2021. An article on the Code of Conduct for Digital Advertising is included. These are just some of the current topics in fashion and law that you will find.


We want this issue to be part of your timeless collection of FLIS® Moda y Derecho al Día , the publication of the international fashion law community.


  • When you buy the magazine you receive a downloadable PDF file.

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