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FLIS ® Fashion and Right to the Day 8/2021

FLIS ® Fashion and Right to the Day 8/2021


FLIS® Fashion and Right to the Day 8/2021


Sanitary, thank you for saving lives


We have reached our first year!


This is our most special and unforgettable number, as it is the first, and as we have been announcing on social networks, it is a dedication to the incalculable work of health workers in the face of the pandemic. And with the originality that characterizes us, we celebrate it with an unprecedented cover, a special suit versioned and made by our beloved Carolina Herraez.


A cover that to date has not been made in any fashion or specialized magazine. 


In this edition we talk about very current issues such as the legal implications in terms of intellectual property due to Brexit. We also do an analysis of the commercial implications for fashion brands due to Brexit.


Continuing with the present, we address the issue of Coliving and the silver age.
To celebrate the month of women, we do it with the profile session, starting with the interview with Antonella Di Campo, editor of FLIS® Moda y Derecho al Día magazine.

Celebrate life with us

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