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An excited business of fashion and law combine and develop a unique specialist field:

The Fashion Law

FLIS: is the school specializing in fashion law was born with this original field of law to train future leaders of the industry  

In Fashion Law, the legal aspects involved in the value chain of a garment are studied, starting with the idea, design, creation, development, production, promotion and marketing of the garment. Various branches of law converge in the Fashion Law to give shape in this specificity in which topics of industrial and intellectual property, competition law, labor law, contracts, real estate law, advertising, image rights, sustainability, social responsibility are studied. corporate, marketing, advertising, business, law of new technologies and sustainability, among others. Although they are pre-existing specialties, grouped and studied under the scheme of the fashion industry, they transform Fashion Law into a legal specialty made as a suit tailored to the fashion business and its actors..

we have developed a different and global program of studies of application and vision





We are a specialized, unconventional, dynamic and innovative school.

With style and own method.

Nuestra propuesta de VALOR

I feel a passion for the blend of two fields I love: Law and Fashion… We live the ideal moment to be as professionals in Fashion Law. 


Specialize in certain niche markets a professional advantage, and the Law of Fashion is one.


FLIS, is the first Spanish institute dedicated to the Law of Fashion as a legal specialty. We are focusing on the fashion business and its diverse actors. Studying with us means understand that Fashion Law, goes beyond an academic program, is: “KNOWING THE BUSINESS OF FASHION FROM INSIDE”.


The Fashion Law International Programme, promote:

A real and close knowledge of the fashion industry.

Development of a global vision of the sector.

Strategic and analytical, business reasoning.


If, you are visionary, enthusiastic, innovative and with leadership skills, this study program is for you.


Study with us ... We are the future leaders of Fashion Law.


Antonella Di Campo

CEO Fashion Law Institute Spain

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